Sliding Glass Systems

Sliding-Folding Partitions

Sliding Folding Partitions are a range of custom built hinged panel walls. Systems can be floor supported with a slimline floor track, thus removing the need for significant structure at the head, or can be top hung where support is available.
These wall systems can be single parting and stacked at one end, or bi-parting and stacked at both ends.

Telescopic Partition Systems

The telescopic sliding partition is made up of leaves of Glass or Wooden panels or aluminium frames that slide one in front of the other to park itself into a reduced retraction space on the side when it opens. These telescopic partitions are ideal for small, partitioned areas with little space behind the leaves.

Synchronized bi-parting Sliding Door System

Synchronized Sliding door system allows to push one of the panel door resulting in both the panels to slide on opposite directions. This system is made up of slim aluminium profile, and conciled cable & pulley return system enhances operational convenience and long term performance.